update 12 2022

 Bank Application Forms

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Kiple Merchant Onboarding Form

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Consent Authorisation Form

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RMS MY Merchant Agreement


Kindly fill in and scan back for further action.

(i) Application forms (Original hardcopy).
  • Kiple Merchant Onboarding form updated 17/5/2021​ (Fill up page 1 only/ director sign page 2)

  • Consent authorization form (ALL directors sign)

  • RMS MY Merchant agreement (Director sign page 8)


(ii) Supporting documents (softcopy)
  • ALL directors photocopy IC

  • Bank statement (3months statement, 1st and last page of bank statement)

  • E-SSM (Sdn Bhd/Berhad: ROC (Company profile), (Sole Prop/Partnership: ROB (Business profile)

  • Interior and exterior photo of office

  • Screenshot of website/ app (about us, product/ service pricing, refund policy and contact us)



Please courier Hardcopy to this Address Below


Ecomdiy Network Sdn Bhd

121 Jalan Masjid Pekan Baru

08000 Sungai Petani Kedah.

+6011 1866 7291